Metro Vancouver facing shortage of burial plots, prices climbing

Burial lots are very popular in Metro Vancouver, and one in Burnaby Cemetery is being sold privately online for $54,000.

An ad posted on Craigslist indicates that the plot has never been used, and comes with a “dual-depth grassy cellar” that can hold two coffins and two urns.

But it’s not just advertising. A scan of the online marketplace shows multiple listings of burial plots from $5,000 to $12,000, $25,000, and over $50,000.

Cemetery designer Bill Pechet says the spot is in high demand in Metro Vancouver.But the area, surrounded by sea and mountains, is running out of space, driving up the cost of what is available.

“Like houses, cemeteries have the same space problems,” Pechet told CTV News.

And just like real estate, those who didn’t get in early may have to pay a hefty fee to secure a spot due to a shortage of supply.

“Fundamentally, with our limited land base, it is inevitable that we will encounter these price increases,” he said.

Some lots are flipped for profit, much like condos are on the real estate market. The better the location, the better the views and the more information you get.

Most people are cremated in Metro Vancouver. In some cases it is an option, but in many cases it is unavoidable due to the high cost of a full burial.

“I don’t blame people for wanting to see a cemetery just because everyone’s cost of living is so high. So why aren’t people trying to get as much as they can?” of East Vancouver. Pechet said from the office.

Nevertheless, we must remember to respect the dead and those who have contributed to society, he added. Due to the lack of space available, we have to reconsider the options available to balance the increasing demand with respectfully resting people. In Europe, for example, there are cemetery recycling programs where, with the consent of the family, the remains are respectfully removed and placed in an ossuary or vault.

“This is relatively new to us, and we’re finally reaching a point where we have to get more original and dig a little deeper. Please excuse the pun.

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