Mexican president posts photo of what he claims is an elf

The Mexican president posted a photo on his social media accounts on Saturday, saying he looked like a mythical forest spirit that resembled an elf.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador didn’t seem to be joking when he posted a photo of Arax, a mischievous forest spirit from Mayan folklore.

López Obrador wrote of the photo, “It was taken by a technician three days ago and looks like a luxury item,” adding that “everything is mysterious.”

Nighttime photos show trees with branches forming what appear to be hair rings, and what may be stars forming the person’s eyes.

Lopez Obrador has long demonstrated respect for indigenous cultures and beliefs. Engineers and workers are building a tourist train on the Yucatan Peninsula, the president’s favorite project.

According to traditional Maya beliefs, “arkus” are small, mischievous creatures that live in forests and fields, and have a tendency to trick people, such as by hiding things. Some leave small offerings to appease.

The ancient Maya civilization reached its peak on the Yucatan Peninsula and its adjoining regions of Central America between 300 and 900 AD, but Maya descendants still live on the peninsula.

Despite the Spanish conquest of the region from 1527 to 1546, many people continued to speak the Mayan language, wear traditional clothing, and observe traditional food, crops, religion and medicine. I’m here.

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