Middle school teacher pleads guilty to assault for incident involving student

A British Columbia middle school teacher has been banned from the profession for life after pleading guilty to assault in an incident involving a student.

The BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation released a summary of the incident this week, but released many important details, including the teacher’s name and the school district he worked for, to protect the identity of the minor victim. did not do it.

The synopsis confirms that the teacher invited a student from his class into his office, at which point he “pulled (the student) onto his lap and made inappropriate physical contact with the child.” .

The teacher was criminally charged in connection with the incident and pleaded guilty to assault, but details of the incident are also restricted due to a publication ban.

The BC Commissioner’s summary of teacher regulations did not indicate when the incident occurred, but said the teacher’s school district suspended him in September 2019. He eventually resigned in October 2020.

The teacher signed a consent form barring her from obtaining a certificate authorizing her to teach in the K-12 system in any public or private school in the state for the rest of her life.

According to the summary, the fact that the teacher “engaged in criminal activity,” “compromised his privileged position of power and trust,” and “violated the physical and emotional safety and well-being of his students” all contributed to his taken into account when deciding on bans. .

The summary also noted that the teacher had previously been warned of his behavior after “inappropriately responding” to a student’s threat of self-harm.

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