Mississippi shootings: Accused charged with capital murder

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Authorities announced additional indictments last week against a man they say was responsible for the deadly shooting that killed six people, including his ex-wife and stepfather, in a small rural area of ​​northern Mississippi.

Richard Dale Crumb, 52, was jailed hours later Friday after he was shot in multiple locations in Tate County near the Tennessee border. In a statement Monday night, Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said Richard Crumb was charged with one count of murder for the death of his ex-wife Debra McNally Crumb.

Richard Crumb has already been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Florida resident Chris Eugene Boyce, 59, who was shot dead while sitting in a pickup truck outside an Arcabutla convenience store. I was.

In addition to Boyce and Crumb’s ex-wives, authorities have identified the other murdered as 76-year-old Charles Manuel. John Rowley, 59 years old. George McCain, 73 years old. and Linda McCain, 78. As of Tuesday, Crumb had not been charged with the shootings of the Manuel, Laurie and McCain families.

Boyce’s aunt, Norma Washington, told the Associated Press that Boyce and his brother had been clearing out a fortune inherited from their late uncle in town. It was unclear if Richard Crumb knew either of the brothers.

The incident in which 60-year-old Debra Crum was shot dead in the Coldwater home she shared with boyfriend George Drane came a little over four years after Richard and Debra Crum divorced. According to Dorane, the couple lived separately for five or six years before divorcing. Drain said he hadn’t seen Richard Crumb in seven or eight years.

“I thought it was a random act. I don’t know about the rest,” Dorane said. “He left us alone. We left him alone.”

Drane said Richard Crumb broke into their home and hit Debra Crumb in the head with a gun butt before shooting him in the head.

Richard Crumb returned home after murdering Boyce at a nearby Arcabutra convenience store. According to the sheriff, he shot Boyce.

Ashley McKinney, 38, from Memphis, Tennessee, said the two dated Debra Crumb’s son Sid Furniss when they were teenagers and Richard Crumb was showing signs of trouble.

Post-divorce, Debra Crumb felt uncomfortable working the night shift alone at the Waffle House restaurant, unsure of what he would do because of her ex-husband’s nasty behavior, and asked McKinney, who worked there, to take care of her. I asked him to keep the company.

McKinney said Richard Crumb was doing odd jobs, mostly chopping wood.

Richard Crum’s first court appearance was at the Tate County Jail on Monday due to “security concerns” related to the case, Lance said.The judge will hold Richard Crum without bail. He was ordered to set up his preliminary hearing for Thursday morning at the Tate County Court of Justice.

It was not immediately clear if Richard Crumb had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.

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