More warehouse parties and events in informal spaces could be coming to Vancouver if council passes motion – BC

Two Vancouver city councilors are calling for more events to be held in non-traditional spaces.

Tuesday, April 11th member motion Discuss the agenda proposed by ABC Trustees Sarah Kirby-Yung and Peter Meiszner.

The move is aimed at tightening the city’s licensing policy to host more events per month in unconventional indoor spaces.

For example, a book launch in a coffee shop, a music event in an industrial space, or an art exhibition in a retail store.

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“Vancouver created this initial policy allowing events in these non-traditional spaces just 10 years ago and now only three times a month are allowed,” said Sarah Kirby. Councilor Jung explained.

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“This move really aims to increase the number of events and make them more enjoyable. There will be more variety and more events on a regular basis.”

Over 100 events were held in these indoor spaces during the two-year pilot program. The program was fully adopted in his 2015 and modified to allow 2-3 events per month.

But that number could more than double if the pre-council motion passes, which Kirby-Yung believes will give Vancouver’s arts and culture scene a positive boost.

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“We have the highest number of artists per capita in the country. We have a great and burgeoning music scene. Lots of indie art happening.”

She acknowledges that studio closures and COVID-19 have hit traditional arts and culture spaces hard, and the move’s aim is to help bring back multiple events more frequently.

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“We are rapidly losing space for arts and culture. After a long pandemic, I think people are ready to go out and have fun and enjoy fun pop-up events.” Kirby Jung added.

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That sentiment is echoed in the city’s arts community, including people like Natalia Lebedinskaia, creative director of the Vancouver Mural Festival.

Hundreds of artists have exhibited their work at events like the Vancouver Mural Festival, she said, but finding indoor venues to host their events has been very difficult in recent years for many of our event partners.

“Artists need space. They need studio space, they need exhibition space,” Lebedinskaya told Global News ahead of Tuesday’s conference.

She says artists are already on board with the idea, but it’s up to local governments to make these changes.

“They need a process that makes it easier to host events that showcase what they do, and local governments play a central role in making that possible.”

Kirby-Yung said the motion, if adopted, will allow more events in informal spaces by this summer.

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