Nearly $1M in stolen property recovered in Toronto police investigation

Toronto police have charged six people and recovered nearly $1 million in stolen goods following a string of carjacking and armed robbery investigations dating back to last summer.

Police announced the arrest at a press conference Thursday morning, Suspicion of targeted pharmacies and financial institutions and operated in a manner that had “all the hallmarks of an organized crime group.”

A total of four people were arrested in the course of the investigation, and two suspects already in custody were charged with additional charges.

According to police, all the stolen cars were expensive luxury cars such as Land Rovers and Porsches. Stolen luxury cars are usually shipped overseas in industrial containers for resale. But TPS Hold Up Squad Lieutenant Rich Harris said many of the stolen vehicles were recovered “before they even got there” thanks to GPS tracking. To date he has had $980,000 worth of stolen cars recovered by his GTA police, with two stolen cars still remaining.

Police said the four suspects traveled around the GTA in stolen vehicles to carry out these robberies. Police said the suspect was armed with a handgun in most of the incidents, but has also used knives and physical violence to intimidate victims.

A large amount of cash and drugs were stolen from the associated pharmacy. Harris said the suspect was “strictly looking for opiates” during the pharmacy robbery.

“So far, there have been 54 pharmacy robberies this year compared to 33 during the same period last year, a 64 percent increase,” Harris said. It has been used as a suspect vehicle for robberies in jewelry, financial and electronics stores. ”

Responding to reporters, Harris said the suspected group “has all the hallmarks of an organized crime group.” This is due to their use of violence and their calculated, pre-considered approach to car theft and robbery.

suspect and indictment

Amir Inyat, 29, of Brampton, has been charged with 28 counts of armed robbery, 33 counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable crime, four counts of burglary, two counts of theft of a motor vehicle, and possession of property obtained through a crime. I’m here. More than $5,000, and three counts for his failure to comply with a court order for his release.

Brampton resident Shais Ejaz, 25, has been charged with armed robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft and conspiracy to commit eight prosecutable crimes.

Mohammad Habib, 32, of Toronto has been charged with two counts of armed robbery and two counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable crime.

Kausar Rahimzada, 21, of Toronto, has been charged with complicity in a double action.

Brampton’s 22-year-old Stephen Shin has been charged with 15 counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable crime, auto theft and four county robberies with a firearm. Singh was previously charged with 13 counts of robbery with a firearm, one count of robbery with an offensive weapon, 14 counts each of conspiracy to commit an indictable crime and possession of property obtained by the crime. was

Another 15-year-old boy, whose name cannot be released because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was previously arrested on a range of charges including armed robbery, intentional disguise, assault and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

Police are urging anyone with more information about this string of robberies to come forward.

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