Netflix password sharing rules may be adapted by other streamers

Toronto –

After a new policy went into effect this week, Canadians who have spent a month sorting out how to fix Netflix accounts shared by their loved ones will have to get used to the fiasco.

Experts say the streaming giant rival has followed suit with Netflix by limiting free password sharing, which has allowed unrelated connections such as friends, family and even exes and old acquaintances to use the same account. I have no doubt you will.

Richard Lachman, an associate professor at Toronto Metropolitan University’s RTA School of Media, predicts that Netflix password crackdowns will become so common among streamers that they will eventually be considered an industry standard. .

According to him, technology companies are known for their “mimicking behavior,” adopting models first deployed by their biggest competitors.

He adds that the incentive to end password sharing is also high, as subscriber numbers and growth projections are being squeezed as the number of streamers has doubled in recent years.

His remarks come after Netflix notified Canadian consumers earlier this month that they must designate a “primary location” for their accounts by February 21.

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on February 22, 2023.

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