New earthquake in Turkiye, Syria kills 8

Istanbul –

The death toll in Turkiye and Syria rose to eight in a new powerful earthquake that struck two weeks after a devastating earthquake killed nearly 45,000, officials and media said Tuesday.

The disaster management authority in Turkiye said six people were killed, 294 injured and 18 in critical condition after Monday’s magnitude-6.4 earthquake. In Syria, women and girls died as a result of panic after earthquakes hit the provinces of Hama and Tartus, state media reported.

The epicenter of the quake was the town of Dehne in the Hatay province of Turkiye, which borders Syria. It was also felt in Jordan, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon and as far away as Egypt, followed by his second quake of magnitude 5.8 and dozens of aftershocks.

Hatay was one of the hardest-hit provinces of Turkiye in the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck on February 6. Thousands of buildings have been destroyed in the state, and Monday’s earthquake damaged more buildings. The governor’s office in Antakya, the historic center of Hatay, was also damaged.

Officials are warning earthquake victims not to enter the wreckage of their homes, but people are going to do what they can.

At least 41,156 people were killed in the 6 February quake, which was followed nine hours later by a magnitude 7.5 quake, mostly in Turkiye. The epicenter was south of Karamanmaras province. Officials said more than 110,000 buildings in Turkey’s 11 provinces hit by the quake were destroyed or severely damaged, requiring demolition.

In government-held Syria, a woman died in the central city of Hama, which was already affected by the February 6 earthquake, while Al-Watan reported the death of a girl in the western town of the daily Safita. A Sham FM radio station.

The White Helmets, the civil defense organization for northwestern Syria, said about 190 people suffered various injuries in rebel-held northwestern Syria. He added that there were no cases of underlayment.

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