New York woman sentenced in ex-con’s sex abuse scheme

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A New York woman who admitted assisting a former inmate’s decade-long plan to coerce and sexually abuse her daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College classmate said Wednesday she was critical of his plan. He was sentenced by a judge to more than four years in prison.

Isabella Pollock has until April 25th to appear in prison and serve a four-and-a-half-year sentence for failing to defy Lawrence Ray’s crimes.

The judge said Pollock had committed “very serious” crimes and participated in “extreme and sadistic violence” after being recruited at the age of 19.

“Yet your role was important,” he said, noting that she took steps to prevent a former schoolmate who made millions of dollars for Ray from escaping years of prostitution. “You were never innocent.”

Ray, 63, last month described how the victim convinced them he had poisoned him before making amends by doing work for him, following his orders and paying money. He was later convicted and sentenced to 60 years in prison. he is cash

Pollock, who pleaded guilty to money laundering conspiracy charges last September, stood among his lawyers, sobbing and speaking briefly before sentencing.

“I believed in and supported someone who controlled me in ways I didn’t understand. I will live with guilt forever,” she said through tears. It’s embarrassing and deeply regrettable. I’m really sorry.”

Pollock, who graduated from the Westchester County school where Ray met most of his victims, faced up to five years in prison.

Her lawyers have asked that she not serve prison time or receive home detention instead, but after spending a childhood with a drug-addicted mother and a father and siblings in prison, Ray nearly committed suicide. Accusing Ray of manipulating a client after meeting her when .

Liman said the sentence he imposed was part of Pollock’s brutality against women whom Ray forced into prostitution. Stated that she had participated, she was strangled, among other things, with a plastic bag and suffocated to death.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lindsay Keenan said Pollock played an “active role” in Ray’s sadistic act and “gave him a plastic bag to choke a friend of hers from college.”

According to Keenan, Pollock is also a former schoolmate who compromises sexual positions or admits to harming Ray so he can get back “collateral” if Ray wants to chastise someone. kept a catalog of his video recordings on his computer.

“The next time I see you, you’ll be wearing a jumpsuit,” prosecutors said Pollock once wrote to a woman Ray forced into prostitution.

Defense attorney David Bertan said Pollock had no lifeline when he met the brainwashed Ray.

He pointed out that women forced into prostitution wrote letters to the judge requesting Pollock’s leniency.

Burtan said Pollock was rebuilding his life by working in an Amazon warehouse.

“I don’t think cult victims should go to jail because they belong to a cult,” he said.

Outside the court, Bertan said he was disappointed with the verdict.

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