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The NFL took another step forward with its owners’ meetings, increasing diversity across the league, but continued to face criticism and lawsuits over a lack of head coach representation.

Each team now needs a person responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion. Currently, 15 clubs have his DEI head, and two others have him leading that division and another.

“It’s a big thing, really, because they have to have certain roles and deliverables on the job description,” NFL executive Jonathan Bean said in an interview with The Associated Press. The reason it is so important is that the club must have a single accountability that focuses on the entire organization, football operations and coaching, business operations, ownership and engagement with the club’s ecosystem. It’s an overall priority.”

The league has reached a milestone point in its diverse hiring in the front office, but critics point to a sideline with just three black head coaches in a sport that had 56.4% black players in 2022. .

The NFL currently has seven minority team presidents, including five black and three women, and nine general managers, including eight black men.

But there are six minority head coaches overall. His three black head coaches—Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Todd Bowles (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Demeko Lyons (Houston Texans)—will be in the season for the fifth straight season.

Devan Rawlings, author of the NFL report for Revelio Labs, said: “The NFL has a huge disparity between player diversity and coaching staff diversity, the largest of any men’s major league, and also has a large pool of diverse ex-players who can meet the demand for coaching talent. Regardless, this hasn’t changed..”

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores sued the league and three teams last year, saying the NFL is “rife with racism,” especially in hiring and promoting black coaches. After serving as an assistant with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, he became the new defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings.

“Our representation of diverse head coaches, especially black head coaches, has certainly fallen short of our expectations and is not where everyone wants or knows it should be. Admits. Inclusion Officer for the NFL.

“We have too much talent to represent among the head coaches we have. But other areas that are CEO type positions, success or failure.”

Most minority presidents and GMs in NFL history. The league didn’t even have its first black president until the Washington Commanders hired him in August 2020, Jason Wright. ) joined him in the last two years.

Just four years ago, Miami’s Chris Greer was the only black GM in the NFL. Kwesi Adolfo Mensah (Minnesota Vikings), Ryan Pauls (Chicago Bears), Andrew Berry (Cleveland Browns), Martin Mayhew (Washington Commanders), Brad Holmes (Detroit Lions), Terry Fontenot (Atlanta Falcons), Lan Carson (Tennessee Titans) ) joined him.

“And we know we can still do better,” Bean said. The GM is just as important, the president is just as important, they all contribute to the success of the organization and you have to be successful in all three to be successful are we making progress? When you look at how you have to look at all the roles within the organization, especially the senior roles, not just the head coach, all of these other roles are essential and will determine the success or failure of the club.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell agrees there is room for improvement.

“We still feel there are better jobs out there and more work ahead,” Goodell said last month. is not.

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