Nisga’a Nation Hoobiyee back for 2023 at Vancouver’s PNE Forum

Another big cultural festival, Hoobiyee, the Nisga’a Nation’s New Year’s celebration, has been revived after two years of pandemic cancellations.

First Nations from across British Columbia attend a two-day celebration at the PNE Forum in Vancouver.

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“This is a tradition that has been revived not once but twice in the last 30 years.

Nisgaa soup containing fish was prepared on Thursday to serve over 1,000 people.

“When you’re eating, they say, you’re ingesting knowledge. You’re ingesting it, and it’s feeding you,” said Dakul.

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COVID-19 has put a pause on this New Year celebration and the new harvest season. It was banned until the 1990s.

So, two years after the pandemic, people in Nisgah were looking for deeper connections than just food.

“When hobbies and feasts are held, it is very important for our families to come together, share food and share stories,” Dakul said.

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First Nation Hobiyee makes a comeback

Dakhl said her ancestors watched the sun, moon and stars carefully.

“We know that if we tilt it up a little bit, we can capture whatever comes in, and that means it will be plentiful,” she said.

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The theme for this weekend’s event is “Reclaiming Our Roots”.

According to representatives, after illness and death took a toll on the community during the pandemic, the people of Nisgah knew that reclaiming their culture and traditions was a priority.

“It’s not just the celebration itself, it creates unity and shows us together that we are one family. Our doors are open to welcome people into our home… It’s wide open,” said Niis Miou (Travis Angus), President of the Nisga’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society.

Saturday’s event saw plenty of dancing and food, as the organizers said would be healing for everyone.

About 12,000 people attended over the two days, according to organizers.

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