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One of these four Canadian astronauts will go around the moon on Artemis II

This Sunday, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will announce four astronauts who will fly to orbit the Moon for the Artemis II mission. One of them is a Canadian astronaut.

The Artemis II mission will be the first manned mission to orbit the Moon in half a century, and the participation of Canadian astronauts in the mission will make Canada the second country to have astronauts orbit the Moon.

In November 2024, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida will launch four astronauts into space for the Artemis II mission. They pilot the Orion spacecraft to orbit the Earth and then the Moon before returning home.

This is the second phase of a project that began last year with the unmanned Artemis I mission. The Artemis mission will help test the launch system and the spacecraft itself. The ultimate goal is for scientists to build a Lunar Gateway on the Moon. This is a space station that serves as a starting point for further deep space exploration.

Crew announcement trailer Posted by NASA on Wednesday.

There are currently four active Canadian astronauts, but we won’t know until Sunday who will be the first Canadian to orbit the moon.


Joshua Ctric

Kutryk was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and raised on a ranch in eastern Alberta. He is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and has served in Libya and Afghanistan in the past.

Prior to joining CSA, he worked as an experimental test pilot and fighter pilot in Cold Lake, Alberta. He has worked on numerous test flight projects as well as improving the safety of fighter aircraft such as the CF-18.

Kutryk was named one of CSA’s top 16 candidates in 2009, but was not selected until CSA’s 2017 recruitment campaign.

hello Official title of astronaut in January 2020.

Jennifer Saidy-Gibbons

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Sidey-Gibbons first worked for CSA while studying mechanical engineering at McGill University, where he worked with the institution on flame propagation in microgravity.

Prior to joining CSA, he lived in the UK and worked as an assistant professor at Cambridge University’s School of Engineering. Her research there focused on methods to develop low emission combustion for gas turbine engines.

She was selected by the CSA as a recruit along with Kutrick in 2017. January 2020 astronaut.

Jeremy Hansen

Hansen was born in London, Ontario and spent his early childhood on a farm near Ailsa Craig, Ontario and then in Ingersoll, Ontario. He is married and has three children.

By the age of 17, he had a glider and private pilot license through the Air Cadet program. He is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and before becoming an astronaut he served as a CF-18 fighter pilot.

Hansen Graduated as an astronaut in 2011, after being selected as one of two CSA recruits in 2009, he now represents CSA at NASA and Mission Control, which serves as the connection point between the ground and the International Space Station (ISS). I work at the center. He is also the first Canadian to do astronaut training with his NASA.

David Saint-Jacques

Saint-Jacques grew up in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, near Montreal, is married and has three children.

Prior to joining CSA, he worked as a doctor in Pvirnituk, Nunavik, an Inuit community in northern Quebec. He also works as an Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine at McGill University. As a biomedical engineer, he worked in France and Hungary and helped develop optical systems for telescopes and arrays used in observatories in Japan, Hawaii and the Canary Islands.

He was selected as a CSA recruit in 2009 and graduated from NASA’s Astronaut Program in 2011. Since then, he has worked in his NASA Astronaut Office’s Robotics Division, where he has worked as a support astronaut on various ISS missions, and on many resupply missions to the ISS, where he has served as a mission control radio operator. I was.

December 2018, Saint-Jacques flew to the ISS This is the longest mission ever performed in space by Canadian astronauts. During this time, he became his fourth CSA astronaut to perform a spacewalk and the first his CSA astronaut to capture a visiting spacecraft using the Canadarm2 .

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