Ont., Que. brace for snow while Western Canada freezes

Southern Ontario and Quebec are set for a mix of heavy snow and freezing rain on Wednesday, while much of western Canada faces extreme cold.

Environment Canada issues weather warning affect much of the countryWinds below -40°C are expected in parts of the Prairie and British Columbia, but southern Ontario can see up to 20cm of snow and 20mm of ice.

The two storm systems responsible for this treacherous weather already ripped through much of the northern United States on Wednesday, closing roads and closing schools.

It’s snowing and freezing rain in ONT., QUE.

largely throughout Southern Ontario If freezing rain, winter storms, or heavy snow warnings are in effect. Light snow began to fall in the area on Wednesday morning, but more is expected.

CTV Your Morning meteorologist Kelsey McEwen told the CTV News Channel on Wednesday:

“Prolonged freezing rains” are expected to begin Wednesday afternoon in Hamilton, Niagara and southwestern Ontario, according to Environment Canada, which could cover the area with 10 to 20mm of ice. I warn you there is. Gusts of wind of 60 km/h are also expected.

“Icy, slippery and dangerous surfaces such as highways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots are extremely dangerous. Avoid driving in slippery conditions. Pay attention to the taillights ahead and maintain a safe following distance. Please be aware that rush hour traffic can be significantly impacted, and be aware of branches and power lines that can break under the weight of the ice,” Environment Canada said in a warning.

The Toronto metropolitan area and parts of eastern Ontario can expect up to 10 to 15 centimeters of snow in addition to ice floes. Snow will intensify in the late afternoon, with 3 to 4 centimeters of snow per hour.

The Ottawa area is also expected to see up to 20 cm of snow late Wednesday night through Thursday morning.

Environment Canada has also issued a special weather statement for the Montreal area and parts of southern Quebec. Up to 20 cm of snow is expected in these areas late Wednesday and Thursday morning as the storm system moves eastward.

As of Wednesday morning, no alerts had been issued for Atlantic Canada, but McEwen said Maritime Canada will be hit by the same weather system by Friday.

“You’ll notice that there weren’t any advisories for maritime affairs on that warning map. That’s for now. They’ll probably issue some advisories later,” she said.

frigid western canada

Prairie, parts of BC, northern Ontario, northern Quebec and Nunavut are dealing with a severe cold spell, with wind chill values ​​plummeting to the -40 C range as frigid Arctic air masses move south. doing.

Environment Canada has warned of cold temperatures in the -40 to -45 degree range for Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and parts of northern Ontario. However, northern Saskatchewan, northern Manitoba, and parts of Nunavut are expected to see wind chill values ​​of up to -50°C. We were able to see the wind chill value drop to -57°C.

Environment Canada says, “Risks are greater for young children, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, those who work or exercise outdoors, and those without adequate shelter.” Watch for symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and discoloration of the limbs.”

some school boards They have also chosen to close schools or cancel bus services.cities including Calgary and Saskatoon We are also mobilizing warming stations for homeless residents.

Later in the week, this Arctic air mass is expected to move eastward, bringing colder air to southern Ontario, Quebec, and the Canadian Atlantic.

“Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal temperatures will drop by the weekend. A similar drop will occur in the Canadian Atlantic, with some areas bottoming out and daytime highs in the double digits.” McEwan said.

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