Ontario considers new nuclear plants

Ontario is exploring the possibility of building new large-scale nuclear power plants to meet its growing electricity demand and to phase out natural gas power generation.

A report late last year by the Independent Electricity System Operator said the state could completely eliminate natural gas from its electricity system by 2050, starting with a 2027 moratorium, but that would require about $400 billion in capital expenditures and new, A large nuclear power plant.

In addition to new nuclear power, decarbonizing the electricity grid will require more conservation efforts, more renewable energy sources and more energy storage, the report concludes.

IESO needs to assess the reliability of new technologies and fuels to replace natural gas and begin work now to install new large-scale power generation sources such as nuclear power plants and hydroelectric facilities. said.

The ministry has not committed to a moratorium or phase-out of natural gas or to build new nuclear facilities other than the small modular reactor program, but is currently discussing its prospects.

A recently posted document in the government’s environmental registry seeks input on how best to involve the public and indigenous communities in the planning and location of new power generation and storage facilities.

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