Ontario woman hires homeless man on the spot

An Ontario woman’s decision to hire a homeless man to work on her farm on a whim demonstrates the power of kindness and the power of community to transform lives.

Three weeks ago, Daniel Macduff said he saw Brian Bannister collecting change in the town of Newcastle, Ontario, reading books. They decided to strike up a conversation, she said. They eventually talked for 25 minutes, after which she invited Bannister to work on her farm the next day.

Brian Bannister on Macduff’s farm (Beth Macdonell/CTV News Toronto)

“It overwhelmed me. It came from her heart and I had to thank her every day.

Bannister said he was living in a shack when Macduff approached. The 60-year-old, who overcame addiction, survived abuse, lost two wives to accidents and another to cancer, says he’s “give up” over the past two years. . Then came Daniel’s offer.

“He’s very kind, caring, and very kind to my children and animals,” McDuff said. “And I am very grateful for his willingness to help me on the farm.”

Each day, Macduff, Bannister and other staff clean the stalls, haul hay and care for 200 animals including goats, cows, horses and dogs. They work morning and afternoon shifts and take breaks during the day. McDuff said she drove Bannister to and from town.

Since offering the job, McDuff has gone even further in her efforts to help Bannister.

she also joined the community I helped him raise the money to get food, clothes and a hotel room to sleep in. They are now eyeing a permanent room for him to live nearby.

At the time of publication, GoFundMe organized by MacDuff for Bannister We raised nearly $5,000 in donations.

Brian Bannister getting a haircut. (Facebook)

“It’s overwhelming. I can’t believe people care so much,” Bannister said.

Aside from work, the two enjoy camaraderie and new friendships.

“He doesn’t know what this got me,” McDuff said.

“Ideally, it would be my only wish if we could keep everyone off the streets, but it takes a lot of people to get together and that’s what happened to Brian. I think that’s why we’ve come this far in such a short amount of time.”

Macduff and Bannister are visible above. (CTV News Toronto)

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