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Ottawa to unveil climate change plan amid record wildfire season – National

Canada’s plans to make communities more resilient to climate change will be unveiled on Tuesday.

The final version of the National Adaptation Strategy is expected to be similar to the draft released last fall, which included goals to increase resilience to wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes and other major storms.

This includes measures to protect people from extreme heat, updated flood maps of high-risk areas, and public education about the specific risks people may face in their communities.

The federal government has been in talks with states and territories for the past seven months to get buy-in for the plan, but it will require the cooperation of all levels of government.

The plan was announced Monday as Canada faces its worst wildfire season in history, setting a new record for the most land burned in a year in less than six months.

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Ottawa pledged $1.6 billion in new spending on adaptation programs last fall and is expected to inject more with today’s announcement.

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