Paris Fashion Week: Sacai combines punk with workwear

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A sweltering heat wave in Paris almost burns exhausted fashionistas to the ground in the lush courtyard of the prestigious Sorbonne campus, but its stylish foe is Sakai’s spring men’s coed fashion show. encountered. With eco-water in hand, attendees sought salvation as they were drawn into the final Sakai exhibition at Paris Fashion Week this season, and the stinging heat of Paris was forgotten for a moment.

This year, designer and founder Chitose Abe has challenged Sacai’s signature chords in the spirit of the ’70s punk movement, a cultural symbol of resistance in a moving world. The result is a creative dialogue between fashion’s past and future, rebellion and uniformity.

Here are some highlights from Sunday’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

sakai mixes

Abe’s quest for unity manifests itself in a head-to-toe approach, pairing jackets, shirts and pants with pinstripes, denim or floral prints, demonstrating the designer’s skill in reinventing traditional fabrics into a unified look. I’m here.

The classic suit has been “hybridized” by Abe’s blending of denim and suiting fabrics, splicing floral prints onto 1940s French workwear-inspired moleskin, the Maison calls it. Cutting and sewing techniques reinvent these prints as appliqué details. It was a great touch.

Experimenting with traditional suiting fabrics, from pinstripes and tweeds to cotton gabardine, turned in different directions with folded pleats. This allowed Abe to remarkably shrink proportions and create innovative silhouettes found in full peplums, trousers, skirts, and the intricate folds of knitwear.

She continued to redefine the familiar. Abe went with the fun “flip inside out” idea of ​​flipping a common clothing style to give it a fresh perspective. Notably, the sleeveless trench has been rebuilt, with the fabric cut and condensed for a slimmer shape.

The collection culminates in a refreshingly hopeful declaration: “Know the future.” A playful reinterpretation of punk’s infamous proclamation, this statement anchored the Sakai collection with an optimistic expectation of a better world to come, even if the world around us now seems bleak. .

Sakai’s show was the grand finale of Paris Fashion Week and proved Abe’s ability to captivate critics and audiences alike. As the sun set over Paris, Sacai’s spring men’s fashion show marked a challenging and hopeful end to a week full of style and creativity.

Wooyoungmi: Fusion of sensuality and street

Wooyoungmi’s Sunday show at Paris Fashion Week was a fusion of funk and sex appeal. The brand’s craftsmanship was evident in the sophisticated collection presented to the audience, with pearly silk sleeping masks humorously given to celebrate the end of an intense week.

The collection showcased Wooyoungmi’s mastery of fabric manipulation and fit. From oversized sheer chemises with teasing ruffles to pearly silk shorts, every piece is perfectly cut and expertly tailored to create visual spectacle while maintaining a sophisticated look. It is Each stitch and seam testifies to Wooyoungmi’s attention to detail.

The Korean brand’s craftsmanship was not only found in sensual items, but also in elements of streetwear. His deceptively casual baseball cap is carefully paired with baggy jeans and a light, oversized basketball his shirt, a composition that celebrates both the structure of the sportswear and the sensual mood of the collection. I’m here. These elements combine to form an interesting athletic yet sensual silhouette that showcases Wooyoungmi’s design prowess.

But perhaps Wooyoungmi’s craftsmanship best exemplifies the billowing sheen of cargo pants. This unique piece features voluminous shirring at the bottom, creating an imaginative and timeless design that is somehow both historical and futuristic.

Bed JW Ford Launches Summer Collection With A Twist

On a sunny Sunday in Paris, Shinpei Yamagishi’s label BED jw FORD debuted its latest collection with a fashion-forward summer flair. The show clearly inherited Yamagishi’s signature approach of blending personal nostalgia with a uniquely contemporary outlook.

The collection was filled with funky striped baggy shorts, loose white cotton vests, and straw-colored hats that evoke the laid-back essence of summer. But always a master of juxtaposition, Yamagishi subtly subverted this breezy vibe with elements of urban wear like clunky city loafers and oversized suede boots adorned with zippers.

The collection smoothly transitioned into loose fitting suits that successfully straddled the line between relaxed and sophistication. A standout piece is Yamagishi’s take on Workman’s blue pants, with a horizontal utilitarian zipper at the crotch, which strikes a balance between functionality and trendiness.

True to BED jw FORD’s penchant for gender-fluid fashion, the collection introduces golden animal print skirt shorts in interesting combinations under a soft black women’s jacket with a chain hem. I was. A playful mix of feminine and masculine elements, the piece highlights Yamagishi’s masterful design ethos and reaffirms the brand’s position as a fashion trailblazer.

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