PAVED Arts celebrates 50/20 anniversary with works from the past

Saskatoon’s PAVED Arts gallery is celebrating not one but two historic milestones this year. This Art His space features seven of his artists who have been associated with the gallery for over 50 years.

Photographers’ Gallery was born in 1973 and merged with Video Verite in 2003 to form the gallery it is today.

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The 20/50 Double Anniversary Exhibition is a new exhibition that celebrates the gallery’s entire history, but also celebrates two works forming one gallery.

Paved Arts artistic director David Lariviere says it’s a way to look back on five years of art.

“I think it’s an important time to look back,” Larivière said. “For (us) PAVED Arts, it means looking back at the contributions we have made to the cultural fabric of this place.”

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The exhibition consists of seven artists from various stages of the gallery’s history. We use a variety of media such as sound, video, and photography that represent each artist’s unique form of storytelling.

Works by Steve Bates, Terry Billings, Lisa Birke, Linda Duvall, Ellen Moffat, Sandra Semchuk and Adrian Stimson are all included.

“When we live in a world where much of our information ecosystem comes through pipelines, it’s very important that we still have these different avenues to tell our own stories,” said Lariviere. says.

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Larivière hopes that continuing to display art will inspire conversations for both older and newer generations.

“We need to create this space where there is intergenerational communication so that knowledge can be passed on, while trying to revitalize the community of emerging artists who are always lagging behind,” says Lariviere.

Larivière said that we are all living in difficult times with a sense of struggle in our communities, but art allows people to express themselves and remember the positive forces of our lives. I believe that it will give you the power to

One of the pieces he believes best illustrates this is the one with only two words: Love Back

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“Getting love back is just a simple expression, but it’s one you need to remind yourself of during this difficult time,” he said.

PAVED Arts is located at 424 20th St. W. For more information, please visit the following URL:

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Explore the horrors of war in Canada’s Ukrainian Museum exhibit

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