Peru protests: Govt offers money to families who lost loved ones

The Peruvian government is providing about 17,000 Canadian dollars in financial aid to families who lost relatives during the nationwide protests from December 8 to February 10, state newspaper El Peruano said on Tuesday. according to the decree issued by

According to the order, each family will be given approximately CAD 17,000 (50,000 nuevo soles) and the injured will receive half of this amount, or CAD 8,800 (25,000 nuevo soles).

The payments are classified as economic assistance to civilians and police officers and not considered reparations, the decree adds.

In a statement, Amnesty International accused the government of failing to take responsibility for the deaths.

“Financial assistance for casualties is the duty of the state due to the property impact of bereaved families, but it does not absolve[states]of the responsibility to seek truth, justice and reparation for victims of abuse.” ‘, he posted on Twitter.

As CNN first reported, Peruvian families have demanded compensation for casualties linked to the protests since former President Pedro Castillo was impeached and arrested in December. His dismissal sparked demonstrations amid deep dissatisfaction with living conditions and inequalities in the country.

At least 60 people have died in connection with the protests, including one police officer, according to the Peruvian Ombudsman’s office. Most of these deaths occurred outside Lima. . According to the same organization, as of February 22, 7 people died in Apurimac, 10 him in Ayacucho, and 20 in Puno, for example.

The government’s announcement comes after a preliminary report released by Amnesty International accused Peruvian authorities of acting with “prominent racist bias” in cracking down on protests last week.

Human rights groups also accused Peru’s security forces of using firearms with lethal ammunition “as one of the main methods of dispersing demonstrations, even without a clear danger to the lives of others”. It violates international human rights standards.

CNN reached out to the Pentagon for comment on Amnesty International’s report and allegations of excessive use of force against protesters. The defense ministry declined to comment, but told CNN an investigation was underway in cooperation with Peru’s public prosecutor’s office.

A spokesman for the interior ministry also declined to comment, stressing that an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office is ongoing.

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