Pink disappointed her comments about a decades-old argument with Christina Aguilera made headlines

Pink says the story she told about her old feud with Christina Aguilera has become the main focus of the press surrounding her latest album.

The singer, who recently released his latest album, Trustfall, told the story of accidentally sitting in Aguilera’s chair while working together, upsetting Aguilera. Pink took to Instagram to explain how disappointed she was with the coveragehoping that people will focus on her art instead.

“I am very saddened and disappointed by the stories surrounding some of the press that have been going on about my album,” she wrote.

“Part of the blame is on me, I can’t lie, I have an uncanny ability to exaggerate, but my real disappointment is the fact that art is never the focus when you’re a woman. It’s in.”

She continues: Guys, the only thing they ask you over and over is your 20s silly feud. “

She added, “For every woman or two I’ve had a problem with, there are hundreds of women I admired, supported, and loved. But I’m not talking about that.” added that there are double standards regarding men and women in the entertainment industry, saying, “When was the last time Bradley Cooper or Robert De Niro were asked in an interview over and over again about the debate? About Christian Bale?”

In the end, she says it’s really important to apologize and “admit your mistakes.”

“Dear Christina — I know where we stand. Solved. Upwards and upwards,” she wrote.

Pink will be the guest on this week’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” New episodes of He stream on HBO Max on Fridays and He airs on CNN on Sundays at 7 p.m.

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