Poilievre denounces MPs’ meeting AFD’s Christine Anderson

Conservative leader Pierre Polivre denounces far-right German politician after three MPs met with her during her visit to Canada in support of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ movement .

MEP for the Alternative für Deutschland party, Christine Anderson, concludes her four visits to Canada with an event in Montreal on Friday, after speaking in Calgary, Toronto and Whitby, Ontario.

Three Conservative MPs from Ontario – Colin Carey, Dean Allison and former leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis – were pictured with Anderson this week.

Their participation was noted by the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs in an online statement.

“We are deeply concerned that CPC MP @LeslynLewis @DeanAllisonMP @ColinCarrieCPC met with @AndersonAfDMdEP. I have.” The advocacy group said in a Twitter post.

A Polivre spokesperson said the MP was unaware of her “sneaky” views and regretted meeting with her.

“Frankly, it would have been better if Anderson had never visited Canada in the first place. She and her racist and hateful views are not welcome here,” said the official opposition leader. Sebastian Sukhamski, director of media relations at the office, said in a statement.

The three parliamentarians issued a statement saying it was not uncommon for parliamentarians to visit elected officials in other countries and denied being aware of her views or the views of their party.

Alternative for Deutschland is against immigration and denounces what some members call the “Islamization” of Europe.

Speech at the European Parliament last yearAnderson said Islam was responsible for the denial of women’s human rights in Afghanistan.

“For God’s sake, look around,” she said, claiming that women are oppressed in all Muslim countries.

“Stop calling the devil by its name and using apologetic language to belittle the nature of the most despicable and horrifying ideology that women all over the world suffer from.”

Anderson made headlines last year when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the European Parliament.

“Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace to democracy.” she said in a reply to parliament“Spare us your presence.”

Anderson was warmly welcomed in Canada by many associated with the “Freedom Convoy” protests that stalled Ottawa and border crossings last year.

Protest leader Tamara Rich was photographed this week with two of her attorneys, Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk, at the Edmonton-based Justice Center for Freedom.Emergency by government Use of Situational Law.

From left: Christine Anderson, Keith Wilson, Tamara Rich, Eve Chipiuk

At one event, Anderson arrived in a convoy of semi-tractor trailer trucks wearing a Freedom Fighters Canada sweatshirt.

In Toronto, I posed for a photo with the flag of Diagoron, an online protest movement that some law enforcement agencies consider an extremist group.

Sponsors of the “What Kristin Anderson Will Do” tour included Canadians for Truth, an organization run by Saskatchewan businessman Joseph Burgoat. The organization also facilitates speaking events by former Olympic figure skater and anti-mission activist Jamie Sale and former NHL Theoren Fleury. player. Tickets for her event sold for her $50.

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