PSAC strike: Here’s what we know about federal workers pay

With tens of thousands of federal workers spending eight days on picket lines, their unions say it could be another two weeks before we see a pay cut.

More than 155,000 federal employees went on strike on April 19 to support demands for a new contract. Now, many striking employees and the public are questioning how their salaries will be administered during their strike.

Federal employees are paid two weeks late. Wednesday is a federal employee’s payday, which covers the period from March 30 through April 12. has taken note of information from the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the federal government regarding salaries of striking employees.

strike pay

According to the Canadian Public Service Alliance, members are expected to participate in picket lines for a minimum of four hours per day to be eligible for strike rewards.

Generally, members who work more than 20 hours each week will receive their next Strike Pay.

  • Ontario and all states: $75 per day, up to $375 per week

  • Yukon: $103.20 per day, up to $516 per week

  • Northwest Territories: $117.35 per day, up to $586.75 per week

  • Nunavut: $141 per day, up to $705 per week.

Some PSAC members and local residents may choose to supplement their members’ strike allowances.

First day of strike reward

PSAC said payments for the strike will begin on Wednesday.

The first payment will be applied during the first three days of the strike (April 19th, 20th and 21st).

Electronic funds transfers are automatic, so they reach members in the first few days, while physical checks take a few more days to print and distribute.

According to unions, strike wages are not considered taxable income.

pay while on strike

In a statement dated April 23, the Canadian Public Service Alliance said striking PSAC members will receive their first pay cuts beginning with the pay period after May 10.

The union says it does not anticipate complications from Phoenix’s pay system, based on past precedent and expert advice from its members.

“Based on past experience, union members are most likely to continue to receive salaries from their employers during strikes, have their salaries deducted only after the strike ends, and leave without their salary claims being submitted and processed. Let’s go,” PSAC said in its section on salaries during the strike. .

“These leave requests are no more likely to be affected by Phoenix than any other leave requests throughout the year.”

In the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of the PSAC website dated 16 April, the PSAC told its members, “It is possible, but there will be little suspension of salaries.”

“Historical practice shows that if you go on strike, employers are likely to recover wages paid during the strike after settlement,” the union said.

“Members enter hours missed due to job actions in Department PeopleSoft when they return to the office using the appropriate timecode.”

federal statement

Public Services and Procurement Canada has said that employees in legal strike status who participate in strike actions will be considered on unpaid leave.

According to the government, unpaid leave related to strike action within five days will be submitted directly to the payroll system by excluded managers and will be reflected in their next paycheck.

“For departments served by the Pay Center, LWOPs with a strike period exceeding five consecutive days will be submitted by the department’s human resources department for forwarding to the Pay Center for processing,” the government said on its website. says.

“For departments not served by a pay center, entries will be completed by a designated department compensation advisor according to internal processes.”

Essential worker pays

About 47,000 workers deemed essential will continue to be paid.

Public Services and Procurement Canada said, “Fortnightly salaries will continue to be issued to employees whose positions are deemed essential, who are not in legal strike status, or who continue to work.” .

“Despite the potential for processing delays and increased wait times in our call centers, our pay and client contact centers are committed to responding to client inquiries and calls in a timely manner with minimal impact on service standards. I will try to.”

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