Putin’s state of the nation: Highlights of his speech

President Vladimir Putin updated the Russian elite on Tuesday about the war in Ukraine. This comes nearly a year after ordering the invasion that sparked the biggest confrontation with the West since the depths of the Cold War.

Below are highlights of his speeches delivered to senators, state officials, military commanders, and military personnel. It was about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

difficult times

“I see this speech as a difficult watershed moment for this country, the most important historical event in which cardinal and irreversible changes are taking place around the world, shaping the future of our country and its people. at a time when everyone knows it’s time for each of us to take on a huge responsibility.”

hostage of the west

“I have already said many times that the Ukrainian people are being held hostage by the Kiev regime and the Western monarchs who have effectively occupied the country politically, militarily and economically. It’s not the profit, it’s the profit of a third country.”

Real Threats to Russia

“Western elites do not hide their purpose…that is, they intend to turn local conflict into a stage of global confrontation. We will respond accordingly. Although we are talking about the existence of our country, we are also aware that it is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield, and we are increasingly conducting information attacks against our country.” rice field.

culture war

“They distort historical facts and constantly attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religions of our country. See how the destruction, perversion and abuse of families, cultural and national identities.The number of children is declared the norm.And priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages. As we know, the Church of England is going to consider gender-neutral ideas of God.

Impact of sanctions

“They want the (Russian) people to suffer (with sanctions) … but their calculations did not come true …

“Imposing sanctions is punishing itself. listening…

“Russia’s economy and administrative system have turned out to be much stronger than the West believed … We will ensure the stability of the economic situation, protect our citizens, save our jobs and supply our necessities. It has prevented market shortages, including, and supported the financial system…”

Advice for Russian companies

“It is useless to try to run around, nodding your arms, begging for money … Launch new projects, earn money, invest in Russia. For generations of ‘…

“Recent events convincingly show that the West’s image as a safe haven, a haven for capital, is illusory and fake.”


“I would like to emphasize that this year’s local and local government elections, as well as the 2024 presidential election, will be held in strict accordance with the law, taking into account all democratic and constitutional procedures.

arms control

“They[the West]want to inflict a strategic defeat on us and sneak into our nuclear facilities. I am forced to announce that Russia has not withdrawn from the treaty, but has stopped participating in …

“The United States is developing a new type of nuclear weapon … In this situation, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Rosatom must be ready to test Russia’s nuclear weapons. Of course, we will do this It won’t be the first.The United States is testing and so will we.No one should fall into the dangerous illusion that global strategic equivalence could be destroyed.

Edited by Felix Light and Olzhas Auyezov and edited by Gareth Jones.

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