Quebec’s social housing stock is crumbling as repair costs rise, tenant group says – Montreal

A group of tenants speaks out about the dilapidated condition of public housing in Quebec. This continues to get worse as repair costs rise.

The Quebec Residential Federation, which represents residents of public housing, said Monday that the number of housing units in poor or very poor condition has increased 39% in the past two years.

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Supporters launch tour across Quebec to demand more public housing

The number of units earning a D or E grade, indicating major work needed, has decreased from 18,644 in 2020 to 25,974 in 2022.

A representative of the group told reporters in front of a six-unit building in Montreal that has been barricaded since 2019. They said the cost of repairing the low-rent building would have cost him $271,000 in 2020 but now costs him $438,000 due to inflation. and soaring construction costs.

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The group accuses the state of breaking promises and is calling on François Legault’s government to pay the $2.2 billion it promised to repair public housing.

The province’s housing agency, the Quebec Housing Association, estimated in 2016 that more than 700 of its low-rent units were in poor or very poor conditions, accounting for nearly 30% of the social housing stock. .

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