‘Rick and Morty’ creator has domestic abuse charges dropped

Los Angeles –

California prosecutors on Wednesday dropped domestic violence charges against Justin Roiland, creator of Cartoon Network’s animated series “Rick and Morty,” and voice of the show’s two title characters.

Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Kimberly Edds said the two felony counts involving ex-girlfriends were dropped “because there is not enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Roiland reacted to the dismissal on Twitter.

“I always knew these claims were false, and I never doubted that this day would come,” he said. “I am grateful that this lawsuit has been dismissed, but at the same time, I am still deeply disturbed by the horrific lies that have been reported about me in this process.”

He said, “I am disappointed that so many people, ignorant of the facts, made a judgment so quickly based solely on bitter original words to circumvent due process and try to get me to cancel. ” he added.

Roiland, 43, was awaiting trial on charges of intimidation, fraud, assault, fraud-induced bodily injury and wrongful imprisonment against a woman he was living with at the time. She was not identified in court documents.

The indictment dates back to May 2020, but apparently went unnoticed by the press until NBC News reported it in January of this year.

Roiland and Dan Harmon have created an animated sci-fi sitcom about a mad scientist and his grandson. As part of Adult Swim’s nighttime show block, on Cartoon Network he aired for six seasons and was renewed for seven.

Adult Swim and Cartoon Network cut ties with him when the indictment was reported and said his role would be recast. and Hulu Originals did the same.

Both companies declined to comment Wednesday.

“I am determined to move forward and focus on both creative projects and restoring my reputation,” Roiland said in a tweet.

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