Sask. man will now have massive Arizona medical bills covered

A Saskatchewan man facing mounting medical bills after a stroke in Arizona is now being reimbursed for his expenses after his insurance company reversed an earlier decision to deny his claim. I got

Rebecca Fee said in an email to CTV News that the Saskatchewan Blue Cross had agreed to cover the hospital bills of her grandfather Luis Ramote and the cost of his medical flight to Regina.

Lamothe had a stroke in Yuma, Arizona in early February. where he spends the winter with his wife.

Fee said the Saskatchewan Blue Cross did not explain why it reversed the decision, but the family was very relieved to receive the news.

“They cover medical bills and hospital bills, not hotel, food, and travel, but we’re very relieved,” Fee said.

According to Fee, Blue Cross initially denied the grandfather’s claims because the 10-milligram increase in his cholesterol medication was not reported to the company.

Fee says that Blue Cross wanted Ramote himself to sign the papers, but he is still unable to do so and his family is putting the papers together.

“We have to find the power of attorney papers, and we have to communicate all day, but every second is worth it,” said Fee.

Fee said she has 54 pages from her insurance company for the family to review and return, but she has a written statement that she is confident the claim will be approved once the paperwork is completed.

Fee said his grandfather is in stable condition, but still has a feeding tube in place and remains completely paralyzed on his left side.

He was being treated at Regina General Hospital, where he was moved after his family raised $56,000 to cover the cost of a medical transportation flight.

She added that her grandfather had spoken a few words and was now eating ice chips, but was still unable to put together a complete sentence.

Fee started a GoFundMe page to help cover the tremendous medical debt facing his family.

The family informed the donor that they intended to use this money to cover air tickets and travel expenses for LaMotte’s wife, as well as possible changes to the home and transportation that LaMotte might need. rice field.

“(We also) offered a refund if anyone wanted it so that they could be more comfortable,” Fee said.

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