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Scientists inspect 25 ‘fast radio bursts’ from outer space

Similar to the early scene of Independence Day, scientists have detected 25 mysterious “Fast Radio Bursts” (FRBs) from deep in space.

These powerful radiation bursts are very common astronomical events and are commonly thought to originate from dying stars. These FRBs could give astronomers new information about what lives in galaxies far, far away from our reach.

The recurring bursts, containing ten times the annual energy consumption of the entire world population, have been detected by modern telescopes. Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) occurred between 2019 and 2021, along with a myriad of other non-repeating Feds that do not appear to follow any discernible pattern.

Mysterious Burst Under Investigation, University of Toronto Astronomers To tellbecause they derive from the same place in space and repeat in a similar way.

In a University of Toronto news release, Ziggy Plenis, a Dunlap Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, explains: “These new tools are essential to this study and will be very useful for similar studies in the future.”

The new 25 repeated FRBs bring the total number of suspected repeated bursts to 50. They are predicted to be about 400 light years away.

If scientists could study bursts from a single location, they would collect specific data to reveal limited insight into regions of the universe and the potential for hosting intelligent life in distant galaxies. I can. Plenuis explained that by studying the origins of the FRB in detail, scientists can trace the stages of a star’s life and learn about the material being ejected.

“It’s very interesting that CHIME/FRB observed multiple flashes from the same location, because it allows us to investigate their nature in detail,” said a PhD student at the University of Toronto. Adaeze Ibik also said in a news release. “We were able to focus on some of these recurring sources, of which he has already identified galaxies likely to be associated with two.”

Pleunis added that finding that certain patterns exist gives us a better understanding of what the Fed is all about.

Whether this is evidence of anything comparable to extraterrestrial calls home remains to be seen, but Pleunis said the pattern discovery is promising, with further implications yet to be determined. said.

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