Senators urge Ottawa to improve sanctions regime

Ottawa –

The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee has called on Ottawa to clarify its reasons for imposing sanctions and improve how it assesses whether financial blockades and travel bans are working.

In a new report, senators said how Ottawa chooses to sanction people, how those targeted can sue sanctions, and what exactly companies do. He said there needs to be more transparency about what is expected.

Canada will provide allies with guidance on how companies should follow regulations, including what percentage of a company a sanctioned party can own, before Canadians are finally barred from doing business with that company. Does not offer compared.

Committee chair Senator Peter Boehm said the report came a year after Ottawa significantly increased sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Experts told the commission it was unclear how well Ottawa actually enforced the sanctions it chose to impose, with only one person and one company charged with violating sanctions laws over 30 years. said only.

The city of Ottawa has promised to hire more personnel to enforce sanctions, and senators said the government will also issue an annual report, creating a clearer process for removing people from sanctions lists. argue that it should.

This report by the Canadian Press Agency was first published on May 16, 2023.

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