Six Ukrainian refugees who played at Quebec hockey tournament return for school

Six Ukrainian refugees who took part in Quebec City’s famous Pee Wee hockey tournament earlier this year are returning to the capital to attend school.

One of the organizers of the Ukrainian hockey team to Quebec City last winter said six of the players fell in love with the city but had to return home after the tournament.

The six players took classes at the city’s English-speaking St. Patrick’s High School and secured visas to play hockey, said Sean Berbet, a Quebec City-area businessman.

The six players were part of the Ukrainian team of 11- and 12-year-old refugees who made headlines at the annual Quebec International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament.

They performed to sold-out crowds at the Videotron Center and participated in numerous activities and events around the city.

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One of the players is in Quebec City with his mother, and the other five will live with the Billet family, who were incarcerated for the duration of the tournament, Velvet said.

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