Spain detects suspected case of Marburg disease

Madrid –

Spain has detected its first suspected case of Marburg, the deadly infection that has led to the quarantine of more than 200 people in Equatorial Guinea, health officials for the Spanish region of Valencia said on Saturday.

A 34-year-old man who was recently in Equatorial Guinea was transferred from a private hospital to an isolation unit at Rafe Hospital in Valencia while tests were conducted, local health officials said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Marburg disease has a fatality rate of up to 88%. There are no vaccines or antiviral treatments approved to treat it.

Equatorial Guinea quarantined more than 200 people and restricted movement on February 13 in Kie Ntem province, where the hemorrhagic fever was first detected.

The small Central African country has so far reported nine deaths and 16 suspected cases, with symptoms including fever, fatigue, bloody vomit and diarrhea, according to WHO.

WHO said it was stepping up epidemiological surveillance in Equatorial Guinea.

Cameroonian authorities discovered two suspected cases of Marburg disease on February 13 in Oramze, a commune on the border with Equatorial Guinea, said Robert, a public health representative for the region. Maturin Bijan said on February 14.

Cameroon restricted movement along its borders to avoid contagion.

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