Spotify removes Bollywood song catalog

Bollywood fans have lost access to hundreds of their favorite songs on Spotify due to licensing issues.

Spotify has announced that it has removed the entire catalog of Zee Music (India’s second largest domestic music label with 93.7 million subscribers on YouTube) on March 14th.

A Spotify spokesperson told CNN that the company is trying to find “creative ways to reach a deal with Zee Music” and hopes to find a “mutually agreeable solution soon.” , said it would continue negotiations in good faith.

Zee Music buys the rights to over half of all newly released Bollywood music. LinkedIn page. The company did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Among the music removed last week was “Apna Bana Le,” a song from the 2022 film Bhediya, which was the most-streamed song on India’s Spotify platform in the two weeks ending last Tuesday.

Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure. 1 user I have written Wednesday: “Give me back my Bollywood music!! That was my coping music!! Give me back!!”

another user I have written Tuesday: “Renew your contract with Spotify now!”

Avid listeners can still stream Zee Music’s catalog on YouTube and Apple Music, offering hundreds of songs in a variety of genres.

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