St. Adolphe Hawkey Moms creating their own league

St. Adolph, Manitoba, For one group of women, Sunday is for mothers.

After a week of work and parental duties, the group comes together to join their own hockey league known as “The Cents”. Mother of Adolph Hokey.

“We’re busy moms who spend the week taking the kids to activities, and Sunday is for us, playing games and then having a drink,” said Karen Russier, a member of the league. drink.

St. Adolphe Hawkey Moms Jersey.

The weekly pick-up game on Sunday nights has grown in popularity and skill over the years.

“When they first started they were just trying to get better and better. After four or five years they did a great job,” said Dean Gilkes, manager of St. Adolph Arena.

For some women, the league helped fill a void left by previous competitive play.

“I used to play competitive hockey and quit it, but I still wanted to play, so this was perfect for me,” said Lucier.

“It’s in my hometown, I’ve known some girls since I was a kid, and I’ve met a lot of new friends.”

Th St. Adolphe Hawkey Moms are filmed in the locker room.

The league format is simple. Before each game, players choose from a deck of cards to decide whether to play on the Light-He’s Team or the Dark-He’s Team.

Once the roster is set, players hit the ice for a five-minute warm-up and play continuously without periods during the one-hour ice rental.

Moms make up the bulk of the group, but weekly games are open to all women regardless of age or skill level, making the environment welcoming even to those new to the game.

“You can tell they’re nervous when they start out. They ask a lot of questions of experienced players and I always give them tips and pointers, but they improve every week and everyone I enjoy it,” Lussier said.

Hawkey Moms member Kori Plesiuk started playing as an adult. Now she looks forward to Sunday nights as well as hockey.

“Before I started playing hockey, they didn’t do anything for me,” she said.

“Sunday nights are my favorite because you get to go outside, hang out with the girls, work out, have fun. Go for it. Take that leap, you’ll love it, And you will never go back.

Showdown of St. Adolph Hokey Mama during a recent game. (Photo from CTV News Winnipeg)

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