Surrey RCMP launch tip line on day 3 of B.C. Amber Alert

On the third day of the ongoing Amber Alert in BC, the Surrey RCMP Serious Crimes Unit launched a hotline and a dedicated email address to handle reports related to the incident.

The unit also released photos of two men believed to be traveling with Verity Bolton and her children, eight-year-old Aurora Bolton and 10-year-old Joshua Bolton.

The image shows Verity’s father, Robert Bolton, 74, and boyfriend Abraxas Glazov, 53.

Glazov was the subject of a missing persons news release issued by the Clinton RCMP in 2016.

Mr. Mounties said on Friday that Verity and Glazov, along with their children, picked up Robert in Chilliwack on June 30.

The children normally live with their father in Surrey, but left on June 28 with their mother for a planned vacation to the Okanagan region of BC.

The group is believed to be traveling in a “dirty dark blue” 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 with BC license plate SJ2708, and police said Friday they believed Verity had “access to a number of trailers.”

Surrey RCMP Public Relations Sergeant. Tammy Robb urged the public to be aware that trucks can be found with or without a trailer, with or without a cap.

She told CTV News police believed the group was traveling through a back road.

“She’s taking steps to not return the children, not to contact them, and potentially evade the police,” Rob said.

Police say the truck was towing a “five-wheel trailer” when the group picked Robert up in Chilliwack.

After that, the group’s next location was Merritt, where Verity, Aurora, and Joshua were all spotted at a gas station on July 7th. At the time, trucks were pulling “large travel trailers.”

On July 15, Verity was seen grocery shopping in Kamloops. The children were not there. At the time the truck was pulling a horse trailer.

The children were due to be returned to their fathers on July 17, but that did not happen. The Surrey RCMP was notified of the missing children on Tuesday 18 July and issued an Amber Alert the following day.

Horsemen are currently sending information related to Amber Alerts to a dedicated phone number of 604-599-7676. Police say they can also provide tips by sending an email to [email protected].

Robb said police have had sightings as far away as Alberta and Saskatchewan. Investigators are working with local agencies to follow up on leads wherever they are reported, he added.

Rob asked Verity and the other adults in the group if they had any messages and urged them to call 911 or take the children to the nearest police station.

“If you are hearing this now or watching this now, it means the police and the children’s families are concerned about their health,” she said. “We have to ensure the safety of our children.”

Aurora Bolton is described as weighing 55 pounds, 3 feet 11 inches tall, with brown eyes and shoulder-length hair in braids. She had missing front teeth, small freckles on her face, and she was last seen wearing a blue dress with colorful flowers.

Joshua Bolton is said to have grown to be 70 pounds, 4 feet 10 inches tall, with blue eyes, short to medium length brown hair, and a buzz cut. He was last seen wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Their mother, Verity Bolton, is 45.

She is described as weighing 119 pounds, 5 feet 2 inches tall, and having brown hair and eyes.

“The public should remain vigilant and report any sightings by calling or emailing a hotline,” Rob said in a news release on Friday.

“We know they used the same truck and towed three different trailers. Please keep this in mind for the public. It is also possible that the children may be spotted with Robert Bolton, Abraxas Glazov or their mother Verity Bolton.”

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