Theft from N.S. mass shooting vigil site being investigated: RCMP

The husband of a woman who died in a Nova Scotia shooting three years ago is offering a reward for information about the theft from a memorial park honoring her life.

In a Facebook message posted on Friday, Nick Beaton said that someone had recently entered Heart’s Haven Memorial Park in Debert, New South Wales, and that two steel beams were to be used to build a bridge at the site. claimed to have stolen

“Your low life has reached an all-time low,” Beaton’s message said, adding that a white Dodge or Ford pickup was seen in the area on April 16. for that track. “

The park is dedicated to preserving the memory of Kristen Beaton and Heather O’Brien, who were murdered nearby by gunmen disguised as cavalrymen on the morning of April 19, 2020.

They were one of 22 people shot during the killer’s 13-hour rampage that ended with two RCMP officers fatally shooting him at a gas station north of Halifax. bottom.

At the time of her death, 33-year-old Kristen Beaton was pregnant with her second child. She died in her car parked by the roadside on the way to visit a client.

O’Brien was a colleague of Kristen Beaton in the Victorian Order of Nurses. A 55-year-old woman was a licensed practicing nurse at VON where she had worked for nearly 17 years.

Shortly after her death, her daughter Darcy Dobson described her mother as a kind and beautiful woman.

“I want everyone to remember how kind she was and how much she loved being a nurse,” Dobson said at the time.

The RCMP confirmed Saturday that investigators are investigating the theft from the park.

Sergeant Andrew Joyce said the five-meter beams are worth about $2,000 each and weigh about 300 kilograms in total.

A message from Dobson posted on the park’s Facebook page said the surveillance footage was being reviewed.

“It’s horrible to be a thief in any way,” Dobson said, “but stealing from a community-funded memorial park in honor of two selfless women is deplorable.” If anyone has it, or thinks they’ve seen something, please let me know.”

Several people expressed sadness and anger in response to Dobson’s message.

“What compels a person to be so cruel and mean?” asked one commenter. “don’t understand.”

Others were more outspoken: “There is no end to what some people do! Incredible!”

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on April 23, 2023.

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