TikTok ban: Trudeau says his kids ‘no longer access’ the app

Even the prime minister’s children aren’t exempt from TikTok’s ban on government-issued devices.

Ella Grace and Xavier, the teenage daughter and son of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “can no longer access TikTok,” telling reporters at a joint press conference with US President Joe Biden in Ottawa on March 24. Told. Only 9 years old.

On the first day of President Biden’s first visit to Canada, the two leaders will discuss topics ranging from Norad to Haiti instability to whether Trudeau is using social media apps to stay comfortable with his children and family. answered questions about

“I am clearly concerned about their privacy and security,” Trudeau told reporters. for them. “

On February 28, Canada joined the US and EU in banning the use of apps on federally issued devices due to privacy and security concerns. The governments of all ten states and her three territories have followed suit.

Trudeau said he was also concerned about the extent to which apps like TikTok exposed teens, including him, to misinformation, disinformation and “malicious activity.”

When it comes to the internet in general, he said governments have a responsibility to keep people safe in the equivalent of virtual public squares, including taking legislative action against online hate speech and incitement to violence. rice field.

Like many parents, Trudeau says he spends a lot of time with his kids “what is online and how can we try to get out and play sports and not get addicted to our phones?” He said he was wasting his time.

He said he would continue to do so and encouraged other parents and guardians to do the same.

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