Timmins news: Businessman says he’ll keep selling outlawed energy drink

Michael John said he would not stop selling Prime Energy and several other recalled beverages, even though they are now illegal.

A Cochrane electronics store owner said Friday that he bought dozens of cases of Prime Energy, Five Hour Energy and 3D Alphaland and plans to sell them all and buy more from the United States.

Popular, he said.

“Over the last year or so, I’ve been bringing it in on demand, and over the months it’s become very popular,” John said.

These drinks exceed the federal caffeine limit of 180 milligrams, with Prime’s U.S. product containing 200 milligrams.

John said he spent thousands of dollars to supply him, saying it’s unfair that people can buy dozens of approved beverages like Red Bull and have to throw it all in the trash. said it was hypocritical.

“I see kids going to the store to buy two or three Red Bulls at a time,” he said.

“They don’t restrict drinks. They shouldn’t have just said a full recall, they should have put restrictions on age, etc. It’s unfair to management.”

A food law expert said retailers who don’t stop selling recalled products are in trouble.

“They are doing it at their own risk,” said attorney Glenford Jameson.

Michael John has said he will not stop selling Prime Energy and several other recalled beverages, even though they are now illegal. (photo from video)

“Both the Food and Drug Act and the Safe Food for Canadians Act have important provisions that, in a sort of blanket way, prohibit the sale of recalled products. It’s a serious law.”

Prime co-founder and YouTube star Logan Paul addressed the recall on social media.

“We don’t even sell Prime Energy in Canada,” Paul said, adding that the product is being distributed illegally.

The drink is already under intense scrutiny in the US for alleged marketing to children.

Jameson said Prime and other beverages likely entered the country through smugglers and negligent importers.

John said he is making customers aware of potential hazards to children and adults.

He said he would not resign even if the federal government came to demand, even if a legal 140mg version of Prime is due to arrive in Canada.

“Wouldn’t it be better to wait for that to come out than stick with it?” he said.

“No, definitely not. I’ll keep the line and keep selling. If they want a fight, we’ll fight it in court. That’s how it goes.”

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