Top 10 Canadian cities to raise a family: study

If you’re considering raising a family in Canada but wondering if your city offers the best options for you, new research may help answer that question.

Conducted by personal finance and investment website Yore Oyster, the study focused on 27 cities across the country and evaluated them on criteria such as cost of living, childcare costs and parental leave. Quality of life, crime rate, median age, and transportation.Details of these criteria for each city can be found in the full report.

Quebec tops the list, with Trois-Rivieres ranked as the best city to raise a family, followed by Quebec City and Sherbrooke. Research shows that Trois-Rivières is known for its low cost and high standard of living, while Quebec City has one of the lowest crime rates in North America. Sherbrooke is said to have a “perfect balance” between urban vibrancy and natural tranquility.

Ottawa ranked 4th for great schools, museums, parks and safety.

Rounding out the top five Canadian cities to raise a family is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island’s capital known for its art, culture and history.

Larger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver tend to appear lower on the list, with Yore Oyster highlighting warmer temperatures and urban convenience.

Here is a complete list of the best Canadian cities to raise a family

1. Trois-Rivieres, Que.

2. Quebec City

3. Sherbrooke on the cue.

4. Ottawa

5. Charlottetown

6. Montreal

7. Guelph, Ontario.

8. Gatineau, Ke.

9. Barry, Ont.

10. Kingston, Ontario.

11. Calgary

12. St. John, NB

13. Victoria

14. Vancouver

15. Kitchener, Ontario.

16. Windsor, Ontario.

17. Halifax

18. Toronto

19. Edmonton

20. Moncton, NB

21. Peterborough, Ontario.

22. Yellowknife

23. London, Ontario.

24. Regina

25. Abbotsford, British Columbia

26. Hamilton, Ontario.

27. Winnipeg

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