Topless protester throws paint, chains herself to PMO

A group of climate change activists threw pink paint at the entrance to the prime minister’s office in Ottawa on Saturday, leaving one chained to the entrance.

The group On2Ottawa shared details of the protest with the media on Saturday morning and said the person chained to the entrance to the office was the same person who crashed the car. Juno Awards Ceremony in March.

Initially topless, protesters are later seen wearing sweaters.

Video from CTV News Ottawa captured Ottawa police and firefighters breaking chains and protesters being handcuffed.

“We are here in Ottawa demanding public rallies to address the urgent need for action on climate change. Now not the five to 10 years our government has planned,” said the office. Protester Ever chained to the building, in a media release from the group.

“Over-extraction is already showing us dangerous consequences. We are seeing fires, floods, droughts and food shortages here and around the world. Now is the time for dramatic action. Time for change. is still there, but only 712 days..”

The group says it took action to raise awareness for the next caravan coming to the city in August.

Its website describes caravans as a way to meet people, encourage participation, and “consider participating in non-violent civil disobedience.”

The group said the organizers will hold a rally in the Capitol over the next few days and host an information conference.

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