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Tornado watch issued for parts of central Alberta Monday afternoon

Environment Canada issued a warning Monday afternoon that tornadoes could form in central Alberta in the afternoon or evening.

Shortly before 2:30 p.m., a tornado warning was issued for many areas west of Edmonton and elsewhere in central Alberta.

“Conditions favor the development of severe thunderstorms that can lead to tornadoes,” Environment Canada said in a statement on its website. “As the thunderstorm moves northeast through north-central Alberta, the most favorable time of day for tornado development will be late this afternoon through tonight.

“Severe thunderstorms that can cause tornadoes can have hail the size of baseballs.”

The Japan Meteorological Agency described the tornado hazard as “dangerous and potentially life-threatening conditions”.

“Prepare for bad weather. If dangerous weather approaches, evacuate immediately.”

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A tornado advisory is a serious advisory that should be taken seriously by people in the areas where it is issued, but Global Edmonton weather expert Phil Darlington said it’s important to note that a tornado advisory is not a tornado warning.

“Severe weather monitoring is not intended for ongoing storms with these elements of hazard, but rather to make everyone aware that local conditions are at their best for storms with these elements of hazard,” he said.

“People in the affected areas should be alert for the approaching storm and be prepared to find a way to evacuate quickly.”

According to the Environment Agency of Canada, when a tornado warning is issued, people in affected areas should go to the “lowest floor rooms away from exterior walls and windows, such as basements, bathrooms, stairwells and interior closets” in their homes and buildings.

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“Leave mobile homes, vehicles, tents, trailers, and other temporary or free-standing shelters and move to sturdy buildings if possible,” the agency said. “As a last resort, lie down low to protect your head from flying debris.”

For a complete list of areas with weather warnings in Alberta, click here. here.

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