Trial begins for Saskatoon man accused of murdering former partner – Saskatoon

Allie Moosehunter’s brother appeared at the King’s Court in Saskatoon on Monday to testify about the day he found his sister dead in his apartment.

Monday was the first day of trial for Ivan Roberto (Robbie) Martell, who has been charged with first-degree murder of Alison (Ally) Moose Hunter.

Allie, 28, was found dead in her apartment on the 500 block of Geary Crescent on March 4, 2020. Her cause of death has not been made public.

Allie’s ex-boyfriend, Martel, is arrested and charged with second-degree murder. The charge was upgraded to first-degree murder last year.

Martell appeared in court and sat down on a bench with his eyes downcast as Ally’s brothers, Gregory Moosehunter, Jr., and Leon Wichecan testified.

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“We were very close,” said Moosehunter, who claimed to see his sister every day.

Moosehunter and Witchekan heard on March 4th that Ally wasn’t at work that morning and went looking for her.

They said it was very rare for Ally not to show up to work or answer calls from colleagues.

“I was prepared for the worst,” Witchecan said, adding that he knew something was wrong.

The brothers went to Allie’s house and knocked on doors and windows, but got no answer.

With the landlord’s permission, they broke into the house with a screwdriver, saying the deadbolt was not locked.

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“Allies were always locking the door with deadbolts,” Witchecan said. “That’s exactly who she was.”

Witchekan testified that the landlady said she had heard screaming the night before.

They entered the apartment and found my sister on the bathroom floor.

“She was lying in a lot of blood,” Moosehunter said. “Her face was full of bruises.”

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Witchekan said Allie’s pants were pulled halfway.

The brothers checked to see if she was breathing before running out of the house, but they testified that she was dead.

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“I got down on my knees right by the driveway,” Witchecan said. “I went outside and there was blood on the snow from my boots.”

Moosehunter claimed to have been to Ally’s apartment the night before the murder and that nothing had changed.

He testified that Martel and Ally were together.

“He had his arms around my sister,” said Moosehunter, recalling a stop at Allies on March 3.

Martel’s trial is scheduled for 20 days.

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