Trudeau, Poilievre clash over Twitter tagging CBC as ‘government funded’ – National

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday accused Conservative rival Pierre Polivre of mobilizing US billionaires to attack Canada’s public broadcaster.

Poilievre said on Twitter last week that he had written to Musk to request that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation be labeled “correctly.” On Sunday, some of his CBC Twitter feeds began to be labeled “government-funded media.”

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Poirivre, who took over the party last year and is campaigning to stop funding the CBC, celebrated the decision on Twitter, writing, “Now people know it’s Trudeau propaganda, not news. there is,” he said.

The CBC responded that it is not government-funded, but “publicly funded through parliamentary quotas voted on by all members of Congress” and that its journalism is independent.

At a news conference on Monday, Trudeau said:

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“He rushes to America’s billionaires, the tech giants they keep defending, to attack this institution that’s important to many Canadians.”

Trudeau’s minority government is backed by the left-leaning New Democrats, and elections are not officially scheduled until 2025.

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Last week, US broadcaster National Public Radio said it would no longer post content to 52 official Twitter feeds in protest of labels by social media platforms that imply government involvement in the content.

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