Trudeau rallies supporters at Liberal convention

Canada’s Liberal Party kicked off a three-day policy meeting in the capital on Thursday, watching Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walk down the street from the Capitol to meet and mingle with lawmakers, saying Canada had “a really, really big problem. Faced with.In the next few years, you will “choose” what kind of country you want to live in and leave for future generations.

“The decisions we are making now and the choices you are articulating as liberals will inform Canadians about how they will need to make choices in the years to come. …a vision that can bring all Canadians together,” he told the party’s Indigenous Peoples Committee.

“I can’t wait to see all the energy you guys are creating. I can’t wait to see all the ideas moving forward, but especially when we’re back in the community. After this exciting weekend, across the country, I am excited to not only promote these ideas, but to go out and knock on doors and talk to Canadians about how we build a better future. How ambitious we are all together. “

Attending or participating in some early conferences, Take a selfie with the person asking the question, Wearing a delegate ID lanyard like everyone else, Trudeau seemed energized to see his supporters in person.

“It’s been five years since the last convention,” Trudeau told one of the attendees.

The 2018 Halifax, New South Wales party convention was convened by liberals across Canada to discuss the party’s direction, as the party’s last policy meeting was effectively held up by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was my last chance. According to the party, 4,000 delegates are expected to attend in person or virtually.

Trudeau will address the convention later tonight in a keynote address that seeks to rally the Liberal Party on the progress achieved over the past eight years and the commitment that remains to be achieved as the federal government faces a series of questions. I plan to work on the whole thing. The House of Representatives voted over issues such as foreign interference and inflation.

Meanwhile, in line with the Congress, the Conservative Party of Canada Released new attack ads Titled ‘Out of the country’, it will air on TV and social media platforms in English and French.

In it, a Conservative narration talks about “luxury” international travel, crime and affordability, ending with the tagline “Justin Trudeau: You’re out of money, he’s out of touch.” .

what is the agenda?

Party congresses are not just about discussing policies, they are also an opportunity for ministers, parliamentarians, their staff, those who want to join the party, and grassroots supporters to network.

From Thursday to Saturday, delegates will meet at the convention grounds in downtown Ottawa to discuss policy, vote and participate in campaign training sessions. elect a new party leader.

they can also sit series of keynotesa conversation with Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, including convention headliner Hillary Clinton.

Topics to be discussed in various breakout sessions attended by Liberal Ministers and MPs over the next few days include:

  • “Leading climate action for clean air and a strong economy”
  • “Fight Racism and Hate and Build a Canada for All”
  • “Stronger Gun Control and a Safer Canada for Everyone”
  • “Women’s Leadership in the Economy”
  • “Growing Canadian Youth and Our Movement” and “GOTV”

Some are supported by dozens of members the policy resolution that did it Sent to the party convention hall, it could be the party’s next election platform. They include:

  • Mandatory voting, lowering the voting age to 17, and extending voting to multiple days.
  • Create a “clear and costly proposition” to get you back to a balanced budget at the time of your next campaign.
  • Asks the Chief Elections Officer to “create a model code of conduct for federal parties, candidates, and third parties.”
  • Analyze, consult and propose a guaranteed livable basic income policy.
  • We will also increase the federal defense budget to $32 billion while making significant investments in NORAD.

Other issues touched on in the resolution include affordable housing, climate change mitigation, whistleblower protection, and judicial reform in line with Indigenous settlements.

Using files from Kevin Gallagher, Ian Wood, and Mike LeCouteur from CTV News

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