Two-time ‘Survivor’ alum, Keith Nale, dies at age 62 – National

Twice survivor Contestant and fan favorite Keith Nehru has passed away. he was 62 years old.

Nare’s son, Wes, broke the news entertainment tonight on tuesday.

“He died this afternoon. He was fight cancer last few months. We found out about it in January,” Wes told the outlet.

It’s not immediately clear what kind of cancer Nale had.

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Nehru’s brother Kevin Nehru said E.T. Nare’s death was “too early a life.”

“It happened so quickly. Cancer ate him up. He passed away this afternoon at his home in Shreveport, Louisiana,” Kevin said.

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Nare, who was a firefighter, participated Survivors: San Juan del Sur 2014 and Survivor: Cambodia His son Wes also raced alongside him in San Juan del Sur.

In San Juan, Nehru successfully reached the final four contestants, but was ultimately defeated by season-winning Natalie Anderson. An underdog, his Nale won several immunity challenges and possessed a hidden immunity idol.

“Survivor” host Jeff Probst presents the immunity necklace to Keith Nehru in Survivor 29’s seventh episode, “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.”

CBS via Monty Brinton/Getty Images

During the competition in Cambodia, Keith took a more cooperative approach but ultimately lost the winning title to Jeremy Collins. Nale was removed from the game just two days before his final Tribal Council.

Kelly Wentworth, who faced Naleh in Cambodia, tweeted his compliments on Tuesday.

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“Keith was a man with the purest heart, bringing humor to moments when it was most needed. “My heart goes out to the entire Nare family. This is a devastating loss.”

Wentworth shared a clip from survivor Nale drives a tuk-tuk, a popular electric rickshaw in Cambodia.

some more survivor Alumni also expressed their condolences.

“He was always overjoyed, had a great sense of humor, had funny stories, and found a lot of joy in life,” she said. Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Cambodia. “We never had a match, but he couldn’t have been nicer. He taught me how to pluck a chicken.”

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Collins Survivor: Cambodia Winner wrote: Rest in strength my firefighter/survivor brother.

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John Dalton, commonly known as Johnny Fairplay, wrote that Nehru “made me laugh many times”.Dalton joins the battle Survivors: Pearl Islands and Survivors: Micronesia.

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“Survivor” will be available on demand or Wednesday nights at 8 PM ET. global tv.

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