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UAE astronaut getting used to space

Cape Canaveral, Florida –

A second astronaut from the United Arab Emirates is still adjusting to extraterrestrial life after rocketing to the International Space Station last week.

“I am still coping.

He is the second astronaut to fly in the UAE and the first astronaut assigned to a long-term space flight from the Arab world. Other astronauts stayed for about a week. He will be there until September.

Al-Neyadi assured Dubai’s rulers in a video call Tuesday that he and the rest of his crew are in good health. , joked that he might be coping with microgravity better than him.

“Thank God you made it to the International Space Station, thank God for your safety.

SpaceX launched a Russian cosmonaut and two NASA astronauts on a six-month mission last Thursday.

The United Arab Emirates’ first astronaut, Hazza Al-Mansouri, participated in a short video chat from Dubai on Tuesday. Al-Neyadi’s astronaut toy, called Suhail in Arabic for the glorious star Canopus, accompanied Al-Mansouri on his 2019 space station mission.

“Hopefully people will follow in my brother Hazaa and my footsteps,” said Al-Neyadi, whose flags of the UAE and its space center hang behind him. “This is what we want.”

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