Ukraine news: Bringing Biden to Kyiv a ‘complicated’ mission

The Ukrainian state railway company has a catchy slogan with a lot of pride.

Considering the air terrorism that Russia has unleashed on this country, this is an amazing achievement. Stations were blown up, tracks were destroyed, employees were killed, but the train never stopped.

They transport millions of refugees to safety, they pack trains around the clock, and every time Ukrainian cities and towns are liberated, the familiar blue and yellow cars arrive quickly to pick up passengers. To do.

No wonder people refer to the country’s railway workers as “Ukrainian Second Army”.

Joe Biden knows and loves trains. During the years he was a U.S. Senator, he took a nightly train from Washington DC to Delaware to be with his family. And suddenly he was on board again, but this time as President Biden, tumbling into war-torn Ukraine.

As you might guess, his train was casually called “Rail Force One.”

The president of Ukrainian Railways, Alexander Kamyshin, released a series of proud tweets as soon as Biden returned safely to Poland.Among them stylized image An illustration of a modern locomotive with shiny blue and yellow stripes and an American flag flying in the wind.

“Out of 24 hours, President Biden spent 20 hours on the train (both directions) and only 4 hours in Kiev. That’s why it was important to take good care of him. and Kamyshin tweeted on tuesday.

he was very shy About how it was put together.

“There is not much more to say about this mission. Trust me, it was a very complex project for us.

Secrecy was paramount. After secretly flying to Poland, Biden was driven to Przemysl Central Station at the border for the long, slow journey to Kiev. White House Correspondent Poole filled in the details.

According to Puller, the train had about eight carriages, most of which were occupied by “heavy security presences.” I think that means there are a lot of armed American soldiers and Secret Service agents.

No one seemed to notice what was happening.

According to Puller, “A small group of passengers waiting for another train on the other side of the track would gather in conversation and glimpse from time to time.”

The train left Poland at exactly 9:37 pm and arrived in Ukraine around 10:00 pm on Sunday. The president was not seen during the night.

Puller had a keen eye for the train as it approached Kiev.

Astutely reported Mr. Biden’s first words as he stepped off the train at exactly 8:00 a.m. “I’m glad to be back in Kiev”

Four or five hours later, after a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and a walk, Biden returned to his private coach for his 10-hour return trip.

As Pooler noted, “about his favorite mode of transportation.”

When it was over and the American leader was safely handed over across the Polish border, the head of the Ukrainian Railways apologizedNot for anything that might have upset the president. He apologized to his regular passengers for running behind schedule.

“Some trains had to be delayed to make way for #RailForceOne,” Kamisin sadly explained on Twitter. I had to do

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