Ukraine news: Rally in Berlin expected to draw thousands

Berlin –

A rally in Berlin calling for peace talks to end the war in Ukraine is expected to draw thousands of people from political circles, including those on the far left and far right, on Saturday.

The protest, signed by more than half a million people, and the associated “peace declaration” downplay Ukraine’s right to defend its territory against Russian aggression, suggesting Germany should cut arms supplies to Kiev. criticized.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a recent television interview that peace talks are not in sight at this time.

Scholz told public broadcaster ZDF: “The Russian president needs to understand that at present there is only one form of negotiation – the unconditional surrender of (Ukraine) and the fulfillment of all his objectives. ‘ said.

Saturday’s protests, organized by former Communist Left party lawmaker Sarah Wagenknecht and noted feminist author Alice Schwarzer, told Deutsche News Agency DPA that the war should not drag on any longer.

“What’s stopping you from starting negotiations now instead of waiting another three years?” she said.

Wagenknecht said no one would be excluded from participating in the rally, but Schwarzer told the DPA that organizers would crack down on “all forms of far-right propaganda.”

An anti-demonstration was organized, ending at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, a day after about 10,000 protested in support of Ukraine at the same location.

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