Ukraine news: Top Zelenskyy adviser praises Canada’s support

A year after Russia invaded Ukraine, a deputy head of the Ukrainian president’s office thanks Canada for its support but worries Russia could step up the war after the anniversary. .

“Canada is a G7 country, the country with the largest number of Ukrainians, the country that immediately helped Ukraine at the beginning of this open aggression and the beginning of the 2014 aggression, and is very supportive,” said Igor. Djovka told CTV, in an exclusive interview from Kiev, national news correspondent Adrian Gobrial.

Dzhovka also noted his personal ties to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. “(Prime Minister Trudeau) has a very good personal relationship with the President (President Zelensky). He has been to Kiev. I don’t need to say how important it is,” he said.

Dzhovka called the year after the invasion a “symbolic week” and believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin can use the opportunity to remobilize the military.

“President Putin, being a symbolist, may have something on his mind about this year. Crap,’ said Dzhovka.

Early in the war, some military experts speculated that Russia could capture Kiev within two weeks. But 365 days later, the capital is in Ukrainian hands.

“You know, the so-called military experts… I say to those people, believe Ukraine. You have to finally believe Ukraine and stop fearing Putin.”

See the interview with Igor Zhovka at the beginning of this article.

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