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UN: Social media companies must limit misinformation

Paris –

On Wednesday, the heads of the UN’s educational, scientific and cultural agencies called for a global dialogue to find ways to regulate social media companies and limit their role in spreading misinformation around the world.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay called a gathering of parliamentarians, journalists and civil society from around the world to discuss ways to regulate social media platforms such as Twitter to make the internet a safer, more fact-based space. gave a speech.

This two-day conference supports freedom of expression and promotes access to accurate and trustworthy information while developing guidelines to help regulators, governments and businesses manage content that undermines democracy and human rights. intended to establish.

A global dialogue must provide legal tools and principles on accountability and responsibility for social media companies to serve the ‘public interest’, said on the sidelines of a conference in the French capital. In an interview with the Associated Press, Azoulay said. She added: “That would limit the risk that the disinformation (and) conspiracy theories we see and live in today will spread faster than the truth.

Last year, the European Union announced plans to require big tech companies such as Google and Facebook parent company Meta to monitor their platforms more closely to protect European users from hate speech, disinformation and harmful content. passed a temporary law.

The Digital Services Act is one of three key EU laws covering the technology industry.

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