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Vancouver to repeal single-use cup fee as of May 1 – BC

Vancouver businesses will no longer have to charge for disposable cups after May 1st. This is a move that reverses a previous decision by the city council.

The 25-cent fee will be abolished and businesses will have to accept customers’ clean, reusable cups, according to a city statement on Tuesday.

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Vancouver City Council votes to eliminate disposable cup fees

However, businesses are still encouraged to accept reusable cups and offer discounts to customers who bring their own.

The fee went into effect early last year as part of a strategy to reduce waste from single-use items.

By the end of the year, staff will report to the city council on alternative policy recommendations to help reduce disposable cups, according to a city statement.

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Vancouver Cup Fees May Run Out By May 1st

A motion to abolish the fee submitted by Congress. Rebecca Bligh says it didn’t change consumer behavior and had negative consequences, including “fair impact” on vulnerable people.

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Vancouver mayor vows to end controversial single-use cup fees by summer

The city said staff will take steps in the coming weeks to notify businesses and other stakeholders about the May 1 changes.

It said the change would not affect existing bylaws regarding single-use shopping bags, straws, utensils and foam containers.

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