Vernon, B.C. chamber of commerce pleased city not pursuing drive-thru prohibition – Okanagan

The general manager of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce said business organizations are pleased the city has decided not to proceed with an ordinance change banning new drive-thru in central Vernon.

Earlier this week, the city council passed a motion that effectively scrapped the proposal.

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The proposed ordinance change would ban all new drive-thru businesses from fast food to car washes in the city centre. However, the existing drive-thru can remain.

“It will be a symbolic gesture to reduce emissions that have a real impact on our business,” said Dan Prue, general manager of the Chamber of Commerce.

Proulx points out that the proposed drive-thru restrictions won’t stop people from flocking to drive-thru using or using delivery services.

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City staff report It included various reasons why staff suggested a new drive-thru ban.

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“Transportation is well known to be a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. should be a priority,” the report said.

“The conversion to EVs alone will not meet Vernon’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, and it will be years before the majority of vehicles in the city are electric.”

The report also said the line-up space required for waiting vehicles was an inefficient use of commercial land, and the space required for one restaurant’s drive-thru line-up could provide “enough space for two more small businesses.” said.

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The report added that empty pavement “contributes to urban heat island effects.” This is a phenomenon in which urban areas are warmer than the surrounding rural areas.

of The city’s Chamber of Commerce opposed the proposal. Advocating for such a ban would drive new investments out of town.

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“Restaurant drive-thru alone can be up to 60% of the restaurant’s revenue,” says Proulx.

“It is unrealistic to think that these business models can be maintained at the proposed 60% reduction in revenues or remain competitive with the business excluding drive-thru.”

Proulx also expressed concern about the impact on people with mobility issues and the elderly by limiting the new drive-thru.

The city council appears to have agreed and is not pursuing a drive-thru ban policy.

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